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Guerrilla History

Mar 31, 2023

This From the Archives episode is a crossover between Guerrilla History and the Black Myths Podcast, originally released on our patreon back in early November. Cohost Henry sits down with Too Black to talk about his fantastic essay Laundering Black Rage which is available in two parts (Part 1:

Mar 24, 2023

This episode of Guerrilla History is an unlocked early-access episode from our patreon!  A fun Intelligence Briefing conversation about religion and Marxism - this is certainly one which we could have gone MUCH longer on, and one which we will almost certainly revisit in the future as we did not have nearly the chance...

Mar 17, 2023

This week we bring you our latest episode from our spin-off show, Guerrilla Radio.  Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts, and turn out tomorrow for the rally in D.C.!

On March 18, the anti-war movement is mobilizing for a national march in Washington D.C. On this episode, co-hosts

Mar 10, 2023

This episode of Guerrilla History is a continuation of our Sanctions As War miniseries.  In this important episode, we bring on Greg Shupak to discuss the history and impact of sanctions on Syria, and how these sanctions continue in their brutality despite the ongoing humanitarian disaster unfolding.  Get the word out...

Mar 3, 2023

In this episode of Guerrilla History, we bring on Sungmanitou Tanka to discuss the 50th anniversary of the Wounded Knee Occupation in 1973!  We talk about the causes, the events themselves, and the legacy with 50 years of hindsight, a very important discussion on all of these fronts.
Sungmanitou is of the Oglala...