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Guerrilla History

Jul 15, 2022

This supplemental episode is the recording of a Twitter Space we just recorded with our friends, Professors Alexander Aviña and Brandon Wolfe-Hunnicutt.  What was originally supposed to be a pretty informal meeting became a nearly 1 hour and 40 minute discussion of coups, oil, and oil nationalization!  Enjoy!

Alexander Aviña is historian at Arizona State University, and is author of the book Specters of Revolution:  Peasant Guerrilla in the Cold War Mexican Countryside (Oxford University Press, 2014, ).  Listen to the episode we did with him on Cold War Latin America here: 

Brandon Wolfe-Hunnicutt is a historian at California State University, Stanislas.  You can (and should!) get The Paranoid Style in American Diplomacy: Oil and Arab Nationalism in Iraq from Stanford University Press .  Listen to the episode we did with him on Coups, Oil, the CIA, and Arab Nationalism here: 

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