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Guerrilla History

Apr 28, 2023

In this patreon-early access Intelligence Briefing, Adnan and Breht discuss the current moral panic on the political right around issues of masculinity, dropping testosterone levels, and family formation. Together they discuss how the Right obscures the role of under-regulated corporations in poisoning us and the role capitalism plays in destabilizing human life in general, and instead blame scapegoats like life-saving vaccines, innocuous food stuffs like soy, feminism, LGBTQ people, and liberal elites (but never reactionary ones ofc). In addition, they try to think through what masculinity actually is, how it might express itself in healthy ways, what the left can offer young people in general, how reactionary notions of masculinity are rooted in profound fear and insecurity, and how misogynistic figures in the manosphere actually hamstring and poison the minds of young men trying to find a good partner and build a meaningful life.

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