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Guerrilla History

Sep 16, 2022

This episode of Guerrilla History is a continuation of our Sanctions As War miniseries (check out the intro episode if you've not already!), and is our first case study of the series.  In this episode, we hear the simultaneously heartbreaking and infuriating story of the sanctions on Yugoslavia from Gregory Elich.  Gregory, in addition to being a committed anti-imperialist and keen analyst of world events, was on the ground in Yugoslavia to investigate NATO war crimes, and this is truly an excellent conversation!  Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of the series as well!

Gregory Elich is a Korea Policy Institute associate and a board member of the Jasenovac Research Institute. He is a member of the Solidarity Committee for Democracy and Peace in Korea and the Task Force to Stop CIJJD in Korea and Militarism in Asia and the Pacific. In 1999, he joined a delegation visiting Yugoslavia to investigate NATO war crimes. His website is, and you can follow him on twitter @GregoryElich

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