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Guerrilla History

May 26, 2023

This episode is a fully-remastered edition of a Revolutionary Left Radio episode: Riding the Wave: Sweden's Integration into the Imperialist World System" featuring Torkil Lauesen.  We plan on periodically remastering some of our early episodes and re-releasing them as well, and releasing them one every month or two between our regular episodes.  Stay tuned for that!

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Torkil Lauesen returns to the show, this time to discuss his newest book "Riding the Wave: Sweden's Integration into the Imperialist World Order". Pushing back against the narrative that Nordic countries like Sweden are socialist paradises who don't engage in colonialism and imperialism like other western countries, Torkil dives deep into history to deconstruct this rather naive perspective and offer a historical materialist account of Sweden's actual place in the history of colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism. 

Henry Hakamaki from Guerrilla History joins Breht for the interview as well! 

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