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Guerrilla History

Aug 19, 2022

In this tremendous episode, we talk with Professor Noam Chomsky and Vijay Prashad about the topics in their brand new book The Withdrawal: Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and the Fragility of U.S. Power An absolutely wonderful conversation with two great guests!  The book will be released in 10 days, so be sure to sign up for your copy!  

Professor Noam Chomsky is a world-renowned linguist and political activist, and is author of numerous books.  Whether you are already familiar with his work or not, check out his website

Vijay Prashad is director of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research, editor of LeftWord Books, and the chief correspondent for Globetrotter, author of numerous books, and is a multiple-time guest of Guerrilla History.  Check out his previous appearances on the show wherever you get your podcasts, and follow him on twitter @VijayPrashad.

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