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Guerrilla History

Jan 8, 2021

Guerrilla History- Intelligence Briefings will be roughly a twice monthly series of shorter, more informal discussions between the hosts about topics of their choice.  Patrons at the Vanguard tier and above will get instant access to all episodes.  Half of the episodes will be made available to the public after a week or two, while the others will remain patreon-exclusives (though they will be opened up to members of the Comrade tier after a couple weeks).
This Intelligence Briefing was an early release on patreon, and is a bit different format than usual.  Our topic today is MK Ultra, and after we have a brief chat back and forth about the CIA's mind control project, we include an interview Henry conducted with Michelle Shephard on The David Feldman Show (a twice weekly podcast hosted by a leftist comedy writer, which Adnan and Henry regularly feature on, and Breht has been a guest on several times).  Michelle is a Canadian journalist who recently created the CBC podcast miniseries Brainwashed, about MK Ultra with a focus on the Canadian component of the project.  If you enjoy that interview, subscribe to The David Feldman Show wherever you get podcasts (and check out his website at and follow him on twitter @david_feldman_.  Also, subscribe to Brainwashed on your podcast app of choice, and follow Michelle on twitter @shephardm.
Your hosts are immunobiologist Henry Hakamaki, Professor Adnan Husain, historian and Director of the School of Religion at Queens University, and Revolutionary Left Radio's Breht O'Shea.
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To follow the hosts, Henry can be found on twitter @huck1995, and also has a patreon to help support himself through the pandemic where he breaks down science and public health research and news at  Adnan can be followed on twitter at @adnanahusain, and also runs The Majlis Podcast, which can be found at, and the Muslim Societies-Global Perspectives group at Queens University,   Breht is the host of Revolutionary Left Radio, which can be followed on twitter @RevLeftRadio and cohost of The Red Menace Podcast, which can be followed on twitter at @Red_Menace_Pod.  You can find all the information regarding these shows, and contribute to them, by visiting
Thanks to Ryan Hakamaki, who designed and created the podcast's artwork, and Kevin MacLeod, who creates royalty-free music.