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Guerrilla History

Apr 29, 2022

In this episode of Guerrilla History, we bring on the fantastic Africana studies scholar, Professor Takiyah Harper-Shipman, to talk about West African women's development, Sankara, AFRICOM, and more!  Due to time constraints, this episode will act as an introduction to these topics for our next conversation...

Apr 15, 2022

This bonus episode turns the focus onto Breht as we celebrate and take a look back for the 5 year anniversary of the Revolutionary Left Radio family of shows.  Why is a history podcast putting out an episode like this?  Tune in and find out, we think you will enjoy the conversation! 

Guerrilla History- Intelligence...

Apr 8, 2022

In this impromptu episode, Adnan teaches Henry and the audience about the great 14th-15th Century scholar Ibn Khaldun, who is sometimes called  the "father of sociology".  Ibn Khaldun also revolutionized the methodology of historical analysis in his time, and provides an excellent subject for us to discuss!

Your hosts...